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How Maintainable Are Reusable Silicon Food Storage Bags?

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As options for reusable food storage bags go, silicone products are among the more interesting. People looking to buy may wonder, though, what kind of mileage they'll get out of reusable silicone food storage bags. In terms of maintainability and long-term reuse, here are three things you'll want to know.

How Silicone Holds Up

The main issue with silicone is that it can have some staining issues. If you store something that's prone to staining surrounding materials, such as tomato sauce, it's imperative to clean the bag as soon as the sauce is out. Don't let trace amount of food or fluids stay in the bags if you have the opportunity to clean them.

The bags also tend to hold up very well to general wear and tear. Short of taking a knife to it, the bag should hold up for years or even decades to simple use. Notably, the silicone materials for most reusable food storage bags are fairly soft. That means they won't hold up well to abrasions. Avoid cleaning them with hard-bristled brushes or scouring pads.


Silicone is perfectly fine for use in dishwashers. However, the corners of reusable silicone food storage bags can be tough to get to with automated systems. You may have to wash them by hand to get into them and make sure they're clean.

It's always wise to check the guidelines for the specific brand of bags. Verify that they are dishwasher safe and see how the manufacturer recommends washing them.

Soap and Water

The preferred cleaning method is old-fashioned soap and water. A degreasing liquid dish soap is the ideal choice. You should purchase a microfiber cloth, not unlike the ones people use to clean up polishing work after waxing a car. You can let the bags soak in the mixture of soap and water for several minutes to loosen tougher materials. Simply hand wash with the cloth to get anything that might seem stuck.

Reusable silicone food storage bags are not meant to be turned inside out. There are seams on the edges that can burst if they are pressured or twisted too much, and these are close to impossible to reseal once the bond is broken. Instead, place the bags with the open sides facing down. Most are made from slightly stiff silicone that should largely retain its shape when inverted. This will make it relatively easy to air dry the bags.

Now you know how to care for reusable silicone food storage bags, you can find some for your home. 


14 April 2021