Tips For Storing Board And Card Games


Packing up your board and card game collection for placing in your storage unit may seem simple at first, but you need to take some steps to make sure everything is protected. Otherwise, you may be surprised to find your favorite game mildewed or chewed up by pests when you go to retrieve it. The following tips can help you make sure everything comes out of storage in the same condition it went in.

11 July 2016

How To Avoid A Hiring Mistake


While a great new employee can take your business to the next level, a single hiring mistake can cost you a fortune in time and resources. Here are some tips on avoiding a nightmarish new hire.  Be Clear About What You Want Few employees are stellar at every single part of their job. When you target your employee search towards a jack of all trades type of person, you are missing an opportunity to find someone who really excels at the most crucial parts of the job.

26 June 2015

What Does a Full-Service Mover Provide?


If you are planning on hiring professional movers, it helps to first understand the differences with the various types of movers. A popular type of mover to hire is a full-service mover. They go above and beyond just moving your furniture and boxes. Here are some of the services provided by full-service movers. Prepare Mattresses and Sofas The first thin full-service movers will do is prepare your mattresses and sofas for transport.

8 May 2015

The 3 Factors Used To Determine The Value Of Your Inherited Gold Coins


If you recently inherited some gold coins, then you are likely wondering how much money they are worth. Of course, any item made of gold has some intrinsic value due to its scrap gold value. However, gold coins also have additional value due to their rarity and collectible nature. Here is some additional information to help you understand the three factors that go into gold coin valuation: Gold Coin Metal Value

8 April 2015

How To Make Money Selling Cemetery Plots


Believe it or not, there are plots in cemeteries that are sold like property. People often buy these assuming they can re-sell them later on, or they are handed down to them from a deceased relative, but never do much with them. If you get your hands on cemetery plots to purchase for a low price, you can turn around and sell them for more. It just takes a little digging and some smart advertising, and then you will be on your way to earning some extra money by selling cemetery plots.

10 March 2015

Choosing The Right Business Sign


Developing the perfect business sign to attract customers requires that a business owner understand what will grab these customer's attention and encourage them to purchase a service or product. There are a number of approaches to designing an attention getting sign. By following basic rules regarding content, messaging and style, you can create the ideal sign to promote your business. Keep Your Sign Simple You don't need to include everything about your business on your business sign to draw in customers.

19 January 2015

3 Ways To Advertise A Business At A Sporting Event


One of the best ways to draw local customers towards your business is to promote your company during local events. Sporting events, for example, are ideal for making the most out of your marketing efforts due to the fact that sporting events draw in a huge, varied crowd of fun people who generally have a little extra cash to spend. The sporting crowd can be a huge asset to your company.

12 January 2015

What Can Happen If You Fail To Repay A Paycheck Advance?


If you've found yourself getting behind on bills, you may have considered taking out a paycheck advance or payday loan. These loans can serve as a life preserver to those who are temporarily unable to meet their monthly financial obligations. However, a failure or inability to repay these loans can have dramatic consequences — or even land you in jail. How long do you have to repay a payday loan?

8 January 2015

Local Moving Companies: Why Hiring One Is Ideal For Relocating & The Cost For Service


If can be stressful packing and moving without any help when you have a home that is full of stuff. You can get the job done much easier if you hire a local moving company to help you out. In this article, learn why hiring a local moving company is ideal for relocating and how much the service will cost. Why is Hiring a Local Moving Company Ideal for Relocating?

31 December 2014

Air Conditioning Repair In Auburn WA Is The Best


Recently my wife and I have been looking into air conditioning repair in Auburn WA because we think there is something wrong with our air conditioner unit. We have never had problems with this June in the past, but it doesn't seem to be working correctly and it will not follow the programs that it is set for. I have wondered about this problem for some time now and figured that now was as good of a time as any.

12 September 2013