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Are Vintage, Antique, and Estate Jewelry All the Same Thing?

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When you look for the perfect piece of jewelry, you run into a lot of terms around the pieces for sale. It can be challenging to figure out what all the various terms mean. Things like estate, vintage, and antique have different meanings depending on what they are describing. It's no different for jewelry. Estate, vintage, and antique have specific meanings, and knowing what they mean when it comes to jewelry can help you find the piece that you want. 

Antique Jewelry

This term describes jewelry that is generally over 100 years old. Not only is it old, but it is usually valuable, and all the materials are genuine stones and precious metals. Antique jewelry can also be classified by the era in which it originated, such as Victorian, Georgian, or Jacobean. Those eras have set starting and ending dates, and pieces may even be able to be pinned down to a specific part of the era depending on the length of the age and how frequently styles changed. For example, in the Victorian era, you can find nature-inspired jewelry and you will also find jewelry with stars and moons on it. While they are both Victorian, they are from different periods in the era. 

Vintage Jewelry

When jewelry is described as vintage, that generally means that it is somewhere around less than 100 years old but at least 2 decades old. For example, a piece of jewelry made in 2005 wouldn't be considered vintage, but a piece from 1985 would be vintage. Eventually, vintage jewelry becomes antique jewelry, so it's worth it to make sure that you take care of any vintage jewelry you own. Keeping it in good shape can help the piece be valuable eventually. 

Estate Jewelry

Estate jewelry is a fancy way of describing previously owned jewelry. All antique and vintage jewelry is estate jewelry, but not all estate jewelry fits into one of those categories. A piece made five years ago and sold by the owner this year would be counted as estate jewelry because someone else has already owned it, but it isn't old enough to be vintage. 

If you are trying to find the perfect piece of jewelry to give as a gift, knowing what some of the terms that describe jewelry mean can make it easier for you to decide what piece you really want to buy. Knowing the terms can also help you when you go to insure your new jewelry, because your insurance company may want to know where it would be categorized.


11 July 2022