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What You Need To Know About Transferring From The Place Of Death

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Losing a loved one brings on many challenges. The most dramatic one can involve the process of transferring the loved one from the place of his/her death. The following information should aid you in the procedures used.

Death Pronouncement

The official date and time of death are given by a medical professional who completes a Pronouncement of Death form before the body is moved. After its completion, arrangements are made to transport the body. If death was from events other than natural causes, an autopsy is performed, and the body is sent to the coroner's office.

Death at Home

If a patient is under hospice care, the caregiver can provide the Pronouncement of Death form. If not, it will be required for someone to contact 911 for the death form completion.

Scene of an Accident

If someone does in an automobile or another type of accident, the Pronouncement of Death can be completed on the scene or the body can be taken to a hospital or coroner's office for verification.

Death in a Hospital

The hospital's organ procurement staff is notified, and the family will be questioned about organ donation as designated by federal law. Arrangements can be made by a family member to have the body transferred to a funeral home or other facility. If a morgue is available, the body will be sent there until transportation arrives.

Death in a Nursing Facility

Someone on the medical staff at the nursing home can complete the death form. Since there is not a morgue to store the body, it is usually part of the admission practice to have a funeral home on record in case of death. The loved one will be immediately sent to the specified location if the next of kin cannot be located.

Medical Science Donations and DNRs

The gifts of life don't cost anything for the donor's family. However, if a do-not-resuscitate (DNR) order has been enlisted for a patient that wishes to donate organs at the time of death, the donation will overtake the DNR order. The body's heart must continue beating until the medical staff can remove the organs.

Out of Town Deaths

If you don't have a funeral home to transport the body, you can hire an independent body transfer company which handles nothing but the transfer of bodies. A transportation company could take your loved one across the county or state lines as required by law.

These are the general procedures involved in transporting the place of death for your friend or loved one. It is advisable to have arrangements made before death when possible. It makes the process much easier on the grief-stricken family. For more information, contact Friedrichs Funeral Home or a similar location.


10 August 2016