how to get your biggest tax return legally

Filing your personal taxes can be easier than it used to be. Unfortunately, what you could claim last year may not be the same this year. I have compiled a list of the common personal tax laws that have changed since last tax season on my website. I have also provided several tips that can help you get the biggest return possible without manipulating your tax forms. You can learn how to get the biggest return while following the IRS guidelines so you do not have to worry about tax audits or getting a penalty letter a few years after getting your check.

Use A Custom Label Maker To Create Your Own Tags And Labels

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When you are a small business owner who sells speciality, handmade products, you can't just go out and find price tags and labels that will work for your product. But, you are going to need to have labels and price tags, especially if you are going to sell your product at a place like a farmer's market or even your own storefront. Luckily, you do have the option to create your own labels and tags. There are a couple of options that you can go with. 


There are websites where you can design your own tags and labels. The benefit of using one of these websites is that they do all the work of printing out your labels and tags for you. They also tend to have design tools that you can use to create the label that you are looking for. However, there are also some drawbacks to using this method. One of those drawbacks is that it's going to be more expensive to have it printed elsewhere. Another issue is that you are going to have to wait to get an order in if you run out of labels or price tags. If you are in dire need, you may be left waiting for several days. 

Print Your Own

Another option available to you is that you print your own. There are label makers that you can buy that will let you print out custom labels and tags. You can do this because many of these machines have the ability to be connected to your computer and come with design software that you can take advantage of. You will be able to use the label maker to print out your logo on your labels. You can also print out price tags, giving you the ability to chance the price as necessary. Not only can you print the price on a price tag, you can also use the label maker to create a custom bar code. You can make sure each of your products has its own codes. A good reason to do that is that you can use a scanner to help keep track of your inventory. If each kind of product has its own code, then you will be able to tell immediately how many of that specific item you have. 

A small business owner needs to have as many tools at their disposal as possible. You can get a label maker and make your own labels and price tags, which can make running your business easier. 


23 February 2016