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4 Ways To Stay Safe When You Move To A Rural Area

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If you have lived most of your life in the city, and have just recently moved to a more rural area, it's not uncommon to feel worried about your safety. There are no longer people around within earshot of you if anything goes wrong. However, there are lots of ways to stay safe in a rural environment. Here are few ways you can increase your feeling of safety in your new home.

#1 Get To Know Your Neighbors

If you want to know your neighbors, you are going to have to put out a little effort since they are not going to be close by. Once you have settled in, take a few evenings to drive around and stop by your nearest neighbors' houses and introduce yourself. Get to know your neighbors' habits and what types of vehicles they drive; that way, you will not worry about someone coming to your home unaccounted for or driving down your dirt driveway.

It can also be helpful in a rural area to get your neighbors' phone numbers so that you can call them and they can call you if they see anything suspicious.

#2 Learn Where Your Property Lines Are

You need to make sure that you know the boundaries of your property. Rural homes tend to sit on bigger lots; if you are not sure about your property boundaries, have a local surveyor come out and map out the boundaries of your property.

Knowing where your property ends will help you keep a better eye on it. You can put up a fence around your property to deter people from trespassing onto your land. You should also put up "no trespassing" signs. This will let anyone who stumbles upon your property know that you are aware of its boundaries and that you don't want any uninvited guests.

#3 Install A Motion Activated Light System Around Your Home

Next, you need to set up a motion activated light system around your home. That way, if anyone approaches your home unexpectedly, you will be alerted to their presence. Motion activated lights also tend to scare off unwanted visitors and animals. You can easily purchase motion activated lights at your local home improvement store and install them around your house.

Set them up so that they are activated if anyone walks towards your windows or doors. You may also want to set up a few up at the entrance to your driveway as well as few random locations further out in your yard, in order to establish a good perimeter around your house.

#4 Install A State-of-the-Art Alarm System

Finally, you should install a state of the art alarm system in order to ensure to really enhance your security. You can set up motion activated security cameras around the outside of your house that will record any movement they detect. You can set up sensors on all your doors and windows that will alert you to when one is open or if the glass is shattered. You can even set up your security system so that you can control and monitor it remotely online or through a smartphone.

If you have just moved out to a rural area after living in the city for a long time, make sure you follow the four security tips above to increase the security of your home and to increase your feelings of safety. Make it a point to visit your neighbors this week and set up an appointment for a land surveyor to come out and show you your property boundaries. You should also make an appointment this week for a security company like Intellex Security to come out and set you up with a new security system. The faster you act, the sooner you will feel comfortable and safe in your new rural home.


14 September 2015