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Filing your personal taxes can be easier than it used to be. Unfortunately, what you could claim last year may not be the same this year. I have compiled a list of the common personal tax laws that have changed since last tax season on my website. I have also provided several tips that can help you get the biggest return possible without manipulating your tax forms. You can learn how to get the biggest return while following the IRS guidelines so you do not have to worry about tax audits or getting a penalty letter a few years after getting your check.

Five Eco-Friendly Casket Options

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If you are passionate about the environment, chances are you also want to make sure your funeral has a minimal environmental impact. One way you can do this is by choosing the right casket. There are several options available that have both a low initial production footprint along and that decompose responsibly over time. Read on to find out the choices available.

#1: Wonderful Wicker

Wicker caskets rival the beauty of hardwood caskets, but without the hard reality of deforestation and production. These caskets are woven from sustainable plants, such as willow branches, bamboo, or sea grass. Wicker is an excellent option if you plan to have a viewing and graveside services at your funeral, since the casket is attractive and sturdy.

#2: Cool Cardboard

Cardboard caskets are another popular eco-friendly option. These caskets are made of recycled cardboard, which decomposes quickly once buried. You can opt for plain, unadorned cardboard, or you can choose models that have been printed with a design. Cardboard caskets are also often used for viewings and services that will be followed by a cremation.

#3: Reclaimed and Recycled

You can still have wood if you really want it. There are companies that make caskets out of recycled and reclaimed wood. While wood still decomposes relatively slowly compared to cardboard options, opting for reclaimed wood means that no new trees will have to die just so you can be buried. This option is especially helpful if you plan to be interred in a cemetery that has strict casket rules in place.

#4: Simple Shrouds

Why have a casket at all? Burial shrouds made from natural fibers are the simplest option. These break down quickly and their production has almost no environmental impact if you opt for fabric shrouds woven from all natural materials, such as linen, cotton, or bamboo. Without a casket, the natural processes are able to begin immediately once your body is buried.

#5: Pretty Papers

Paper caskets are another option you may not know about. These caskets are created from recycled paper, combined with clay or natural glues to create a paper mache-like material, which dries hard and sturdy, yet still breaks down quickly after burial. Much like cardboard, these casket can be left plain or you can have them decorated. Although professional painting and decoration is one option, the other option is to have your family and friends paint your coffin as part of your funeral ceremony.

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11 August 2015