how to get your biggest tax return legally

Filing your personal taxes can be easier than it used to be. Unfortunately, what you could claim last year may not be the same this year. I have compiled a list of the common personal tax laws that have changed since last tax season on my website. I have also provided several tips that can help you get the biggest return possible without manipulating your tax forms. You can learn how to get the biggest return while following the IRS guidelines so you do not have to worry about tax audits or getting a penalty letter a few years after getting your check.

How To Avoid A Hiring Mistake


While a great new employee can take your business to the next level, a single hiring mistake can cost you a fortune in time and resources. Here are some tips on avoiding a nightmarish new hire. 

Be Clear About What You Want

Few employees are stellar at every single part of their job. When you target your employee search towards a jack of all trades type of person, you are missing an opportunity to find someone who really excels at the most crucial parts of the job. What's worse, that employee might be really terrible at the most important parts of the job, making them a disaster of a hire. Make a list of the top 5-10 qualities that your new hire must have, and ignore the rest. 

Look at the Data

One of the big mistakes that hiring managers make is to hire someone based on gut feelings or special qualities, rather than the hard facts. Before you make this hiring decision, do some research to see who has historically performed well in that role. For instance, you may be able to find information on personality types that do well in a certain position, or talk with contacts in other companies about how they hired for a similar position. You can also use online job search websites to type in the role you are hiring for in order to see what skills other companies are asking for in similar roles. 

Do a Thorough Background Check

The candidate may seem like a winner, but you never know what's hiding in their past. And while it's true that people make mistakes, it's always important to take these mistakes into consideration when you're choosing the best new employee. 

The great part about background checks is that, with the right employment screening company, you can choose the services you need. A full background check might include calling references, verifying employment history, doing a criminal history audit, and checking on the person's credit. But if you need something more specific, such as a professional licensing check, you can often add these services easily. At the same time, a background check should be a tool, not a crutch; give the candidate a chance to explain negative information that you find.

It's not always possible to avoid making any hiring mistakes, but you can take the steps above to safeguard yourself against the most common problems that new employees present. You can also choose to hire an employment screening company to help you with the hiring process.


26 June 2015